How to apply and remove gelicles

✦ A quick guide to that perfect manicure (plus some tips and tricks)!

  • Step 1

    • Use nail prep wipes to remove oil from your nails
  • Step 2

    • Select the right sized gelicle to fit your nail
    • Remove the protective clear film
  • Step 3

    • Remove the gelicle and smooth onto the nail
✦ Tip: use a wooden cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles, removing dead skin and making more space for your gelicles ✦
  • Step 4

    • Apply pressure around the edge of the gelicle with a cuticle stick
  • Step 5

    • Cure the nails in the gelicle lamp for 60 seconds
    • Just one press of the lamp
✦ Tip: Use the side of cuticle stick to roll the gelicle down towards your cuticle so it fits your nail perfectly ✦
  • Step 6

    • Trim the end of the gelicle with a nail clipper down to your natural nail
  • Step 7

    • File your gelicle nails to your desired shape
  • Step 8

    • Done! Emjoy a life with strong and gorgeous nails
✦ Use a glass nail file for a smoother finish to your manicure ✦
    • Use a cuticle stick to gently press under the gelicle and peal it off
    • Clean nails either a cotton pad or a nail prep wipe